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We all know that healthcare is a serious and complex enterprise. Whatever the healthcare setting, outpatient, emergency, or inpatient, we know you count on CHI St. Luke's Health Brazosport to perform according to national benchmarks in terms of clinical quality. Visit the Quality Data section on our website to look at our clinical quality scores by clicking here.

As important as the clinical quality is, we also believe that our Mission Statement really sums up the big picture. Not only should you expect excellent clinical care, but you deserve to be treated with respect and dignity. This aspect of healthcare is our customer service. What is good customer service? We have an acronym for our customer service at CHISLHB; it is called The HEART of Compassion.

HEART is an acronym that stands for:

Right Look

It is a set of standards that we hold ourselves accountable to. Under each of the five standards of HEART are a set of behaviors we expect out of each of our Team Members. We work constantly on excelling in this aspect of the care we provide to the community, so that when you receive care at CHISLHB, it is delivered in a caring and empathetic manner.

How are we doing at living this aspect of our mission? We use a survey process to receive feedback from our patients regarding our customer service. Many of you have received this survey in the mail. We use the results of the survey to improve our services to our community. The scale is from 0 – 100, with 100 being the best service. Looking at our three major service areas—Inpatient, Outpatient, and Emergency, and combining the scores, here are our monthly scores since 2004 (300 would be a perfect score)—see below.

As you can see, we have improved our scores steadily over time. We view our progress as a journey, not a destination, which means we are dedicated to continually improving our service to you and your family—and the entire community we serve.

Thank you for your trust in us! And please remember to fill out and mail in your surveys…tell us how we’re doing. You can also use the Your Opinion Counts feature on our website. We are honored to be a part of this growing community and look forward to continuing to serve you with Excellence and Compassion!