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I hope this will be an opportunity to share with you some of the exciting things happening at your community hospital.

We are in the midst of major improvements to our hospital, and are nearly complete with our 4th floor patient care renovations.  Construction continues on the new Emergency Center, the Mike and Leslie Lowrey Emergency Services Pavilion.  These are needed improvements to serve the growing needs of our community.

Emergency care is one aspect of healthcare that is rapidly changing.  The latest trend is the “stand-alone” emergency room.  These facilities are often not aligned with a hospital, and are proliferating in the SE Texas area.  They are almost all run as for-profit businesses.  Before you consider using one of these facilities, you may want to consider the following:

  • Do they really have the capabilities and staff to handle a true emergency?
  • Or are they more like an urgent care center, catering to minor health issues?
  • Are they in network with your insurance plan, or is their business model built on being “out of network”, accepting what your insurance pays and then sending you a bill for not only your co-pay, but a bill for the total amount of their billed charges for the doctor as well as for the facility?
  • Do they accept Medicare and Medicaid? 
  • Do they provide a significant amount of charity care like non-profit community hospitals?
At CHISLHB, we believe that for our long history, we strive to be a valued community asset.  We also believe in a comprehensive approach to the continuum of care…what does this mean?  It means providing a variety of choices to better meet your needs.  For minor sudden illnesses, a local physician office is usually the best choice.  They often are able to work in same-day appointments.  Another good choice for non-emergency care is an urgent care center.  Our Urgent Care Center (located at 508 This Way in Lake Jackson) is open seven days a week, from 9 am to 6 pm, and Wednesdays 9 am to 8 pm.  Both these choices are good, cost-effective options to sudden health needs. 

For true emergencies, there is nothing comparable to a full-fledged hospital emergency room.  We have the physicians, staff, equipment, and specialists to meet any emergency medical condition.  We are also the region’s only Trauma Level III facility. 

As important as it is to have a good system of comprehensive emergency healthcare, we need to be able to provide this care in an efficient, customer-focused manner.  That’s why at CHISLHB we have been working on improving our wait times in the Emergency Center, as well as improving our customer service.  Both of these aspects are top priorities for us.  When our new emergency center is completed in the coming months we will have a new, even better option for you, with expanded capacity to better serve your needs.  So please remember to choose CHISLHB…The Right Care, Right Here!